Hello, my name is Franck Diard. I lived in the Silicon Valley for 12 years, from 1999 to 2011 with my lovely wife Jovita at the beginning,  and then with daughter Fausta and babyboy Magnus. We have now relocated to France, in Calvados, Normandy, since Sept 2011. We are now "freerange", organic and I shave even less often.
I work for NVIDIA and I am NOT looking for a job. You can look me up on LinkedIn.com if you want to see what position and titles I hold. I have been quite active on patent filing, while working with and creating so many new things at NVIDIA (patents)
I have spent the last 20 years in imagery, 3D graphics and network computing fields. So many interesting things I worked on and I still enjoy programming with the greatest passion. Quite amazing what has happened with computers over this period.
I am a big fan of snowboarding (love UTAH and French Alps), roller blading and wakeboarding (South Bay Wakeboard Academy rocks), and in general, pretty much everything that glides or rolls. I was doing some sailing on the San Francisco bay a couple years ago, but it has become really not practical with kids. 
Jogging is my regular activity to keep in good shape and clean up these arteries that clog up during all this time sitting in my cubicle/home office.